PMAGroup launched the world first Graphene heating blanket Aug 04 , 2022
PMAGroup has been committed to the research on Graphene Heat Management for 16 years. Based on the principle of Technology Creates A Better Life, we apply the excellent heating characteristics and FIR function of graphene material to the healthy life and strive for promoting low-carbon lifestyle. Since the launch of the first graphene heath care product in 2017, we have been developing more and more products covering physical therapy smart wearables, apparel and accessories, household supplies, etc. All the products have reached the standard of health grade and have been approved by RoHS, CE, SAR, CPSIA, NT, SIMT, FAD and other testing certifications of international and domestic authorities.

Recently, we just launched Graphene heating pad PERI, the world first graphene heated blanket in the world. Here is the main features.

One blanket, 2 different temperatures, double control temperature switcher, individual temperature control, 3 ranges temperature can be switched individually, everyone takes what they want.

Mite removal function, in mite removal mode, the temperature will increase up to 125.6℉for 12 mins till the humidity less than 49%.

Machine washable, APP control.

Graphene heating films are arranged according to the distribution of key acupoints of the human back. After electrifying, the films release far infrared light with wavelength of 6-14μm beneficial to the human body.

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