What are the Activities of Independence Day in the United States Jul 04 , 2022

July 4th is the independence Day of the United States. On this day, the whole country rejoiced and shared, demonstrating the patriotism of the American people. JohnAdams, the founding father of the United States, said that the holiday would be a great anniversary celebration and that people should remember the day of emancipation... From east to west, and forever, the occasion should be celebrated with great ceremonies and parades, with shows, entertainments, sporting competitions, gun salutes, bell tolls, fireworks, and illuminations.

From the National Mall in the nation's capital to local city parks, fireworks displays of all sizes are held across the Country on the fourth of July. In New York City, the 31-year-old Independence Day fireworks display, sponsored by Macy's Department Store, claims to be the largest Fourth of July fireworks display in the United States. Macy's 30-minute 2008 fireworks gala will feature 35,000 fireworks shells fired from six barges moored in the EastRiver and New York harbor. Messi estimates that more than 3 million people will watch it directly. The event has been nationally televised. The Fourth of July is also a time for family celebration. People usually go to the countryside for a picnic or have a barbecue outside. July is a hot summer day in the United States, and millions of Americans use it to cool off at beaches and other resorts. Many legal holidays in the United States fall on Mondays or Fridays, with the exception of Independence Day. Many office workers use their annual leave to treat themselves to a long weekend. In some cases, important public works start on The fourth of July. The ErieCanal, the WashingtonMonument and the baltimorean-ohio railway, the first railroad in the us, all broke ground on the fourth of July, making these improvements more symbolic.

Elected officials and other public figures often use the Fourth of July occasion to deliver speeches extolling American traditions and values. Independence Day has documented some of the most stirring free speech in America. In 1788, founding father JamesWilson addressed what was then perhaps the largest independence day gathering in the fledgling nation's history in Philadelphia, urging fellow citizens to approve the draft constitution. He said: "The people of a free and civilized nation, who establish and approve a form of government... For the first time, the people of the nation exercised their supreme power -- their sovereignty -- in an unprecedented and unfettered way."

Americans always express joy in many ways. The Independence Day in the United States is as grand as religious and folk festivals. People clean their courtyards, decorate their homes and hang the national flag before the festival. A major feature of The American Celebration is the high level of spontaneous participation. On this day, without the help of the federal government, local and non-governmental organizations and community organizations organize ceremonial events such as floats, fireworks, and open-air art shows. Ordinary Americans also enjoy participating. Early Independence Day celebrations were dominated by parades and speeches, with some religious overtones. Later, outdoor activities and sports competitions were added. Fireworks and fireworks were also popular until the 20th century. Residents around the spontaneous celebration parade, some dressed as a horse old priests or sitting in the ancient style carriage noblewoman held a parade; Some parade in small family bands, while others sing and dance. All kinds of floats, model cars, acrobatic cars and children's toy cars line up with the happy crowd in the future, the scene is very spectacular, after the parade, people often gather in parks or public places to celebrate the festival together. To the sound of music, people dance and picnic on the ground, merchants sell souvenirs, politicians make campaign speeches and children play games on the grass. All over America, there is a scene of holiday cheer.

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