What is HarmonyOS for PMA-D30 Apr 19 , 2022

This week HUAWEI issued the HarmonyOS Connect approval to PMA Group. It means the products of PMA Group were already passed all the testing of HarmonyOS certified laboratory. Here is the firstly introduced PMA-D30 Graphene Heating Airbag Support Belt in the article. 

Does everyone know what Harmony OS is?  

After years of speculation Huawei has finally revealed HarmonyOS: a new mobile operating system that's far more than a mere Android rival, but will also power Huawei's entire ecosystem of mobile, wearable, and smart-home devices. Huawei revealed HarmonyOS alongside a series of MatePad tablets and Watch 3 wearables.

Huawei bills HarmonyOS as "a future-proof distributed operating system." That basically means it's the company's own operating system, designed to work on devices from IoT and smart home products to wearables, in-car infotainment systems, and mobile devices - including smartphones. According to Huawei, a developer could build an experience using HarmonyOS for one product category and the platform would then be able to adapt said experience to work across other types of products with minimal effort.

HarmonyOS has been officially launched, with version 2.0 offering smartphone compatibility for the first time. Version 1.0 was first seen running on the company's own smart TVs and its AX3 WiFi router. Huawei officially launched the OS on a new trio of MatePad and MatePad Pro tablets, alongside the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. It's also revealed that the software will be included on the P50 phones when they launch. New, HarmonyOS versions of the Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40E, Mate X2, and Nova 8 Pro are also launching in China, though only in 4G versions. 

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